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Opening hours 2020

Due to the current situation in regard to the corona virus the start of our running season has been postponed until further notice.

As soon as a new opening date is fixed we will announce this here and on our Facebook page.

Admission fees

Adults:  7,50 Euro
Senior citizens:  6,50 Euro
Children (6-15 years):  4,00 Euro
Families:  20,00 Euro

Special Arrangements for Groups

Special arrangements and extra dates for groups are possible.

Please contact:
Mathias Hartmann
Phone: + 49 511 865501 (Busbetrieb Hartmann GmbH)
E-mail: besucher@tram-museum.de

More Information

More information about the museum:
Phone: +49 5138 4575
E-mail: info@tram-museum.de