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On our museum line we demonstrate the real thing - on our model tramway we demonstrate urban transport: Several trams in service leaving an imaginary city centre on their way to the outskirts.

The Line ...

In H0 scale 1:87 it is possible to place an entire tram line inside our main building.

At moment we show the fringe of the city centre where the tram crosses an elevated line at "Eppendorfer Park" station. Urban residential houses of 1900 characterise this part of the line.

Further on the tram enters an arterial road and passes the tramway depot. The depot is a faithful reconstruction of Hamburg depot 'Lokstedt' and its large carbarn. The original depot was closed in 1978 and the model has been created during the 1980s - now the oldest section of our tramway.

Leaving Lokstedt the line enters the district of Niendorf. Some trams terminate at Niendorf/Markt where the track traverses an office building. The other cars continue to the outskirts where the line ends at Schnelsener Platz, a loop located in a nearly rural area.

Like the real thing our model tramway is a work in progress. On some sections landscapeing isn't finished yet, other sections - the depot - need to be reconstructed and further extensions are planned. Especially several younger volunteers spend their spare time in modelling and demonstrating our big small urban tramway.

... and its Tram Cars

The rolling stock consists of two collections which represent typical tram fleets: Fourwheeler and bogie car models of HAMO and BEC coated in red and cream stand for the tramway of Hamburg during the 1960s and 1970s; blue and white trams of Gog-Tram and Roco reproduce original Heidelberg tramcars of the 1950s to the 1970s.

Various other models by different producers add to the fleet - many cars are recoated and adapted to fit a special operator. Thus we are able to demonstrate urban tramways in service as you might have seen in German cities during the 1960s to the 1990s.

Further Information

Further informations and additional photos
are available in German: Modell-Stra├čenbahn

E-Mail: modellbahn@tram-museum.de