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By Public Transport:

The most convenient starting point is Hannover Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). Take tram route 1 to Sarstedt as far as Gleidingen/Nord and change to bus route 390 there. Leave at Wehmingen, a nice little village. There is s short walk from the bus stop (signposted). Please follow the brown and white sign "Straßenbahn-Museum". The journey will take about 50 minutes.

By Car:

North-South motorway A7 (Hamburg - Hannover - Kassel): Exit Laatzen (No. 59). Follow the directions to Sehnde, then the brown and white signs from Müllingen junction right in the middle of the woods.

East-West motorway A2 (Dortmund - Hannover - Berlin): Exit Lehrte (No. 49). Take route B443 to Sehnde and Pattensen, continue straight on at the traffic lights once you have entered Sehnde and follow the minor road via Bolzum to Wehmingen. Stay on that road and follow all its bends! A brown and white sign will direct you to the museum at the far end of the small village Wehmingen.

Route Map: