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Exibition HallAbout fifty trams are on display in the exhibition hall and a provisional carbarn, representing German trams from horsetram to the sixties. Additional elements like pantographs show special aspects of tramway history.

Exibition HallInside a former administration building we are arranging small exhibitions of tramway technics and tramway systems of Hannover and Brunswick. The photo shows the interior of a former underground interlocking, now part of our exhibition.

In a small cinema we present old tram films mostly black and white. In another room you can drive a Berlin tram yourself with a tram simulator turning a genuine old controller.

Take a Tram

Visitors boarding Wien 4037On opening days at least one tram is in service over a 2.5 km distance. Our trams depart every 20 minutes with additional cars during rush hours. One tram ride is free if you hold a valid entrance ticket.

On the museum site there are about 4 km standard gauge tracks which we already electrified. Over the next years we will amend more tracks to create a loop for single ended tramcars.

Outside the museum site is a 2.3-km rest of the long siding which connected the former potash mine with German Railways. Electrification of these tracks is in progress but will need a couple of years.

Your Visit

Museum CafeYou can have a look round the premises on your own but in addition we recommend to join a guided tour of the museum. You will get to know a lot of interesting facts about the history of trams and the tramways as an important mode of transport.

Museum ShopWhen you have finished your tour our café offers hot and cold drinks, cakes and a small number of dishes.
Our museum shop will provide you with a large range of souvenirs, postcards and books.